Olympian: The Athlete's Workout Bundle

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If you're an athlete then THIS is your ULTIMATE program.

Many athletes are given ineffective programs following a generic bodybuilding or strength development regimen.

And yes, while you can still build muscle, some of the exercises provided are a waste of time and lack carryover to the sports field. 

Which is why we've developed this bundle covering practically all athletes of every discipline.

Including our Contact Sports Bible -- a massive program with OFF and ON season workout programs for ALL kinds of contact sport aficionados -- plus our legendary DAVID and HERCULES program to target both smaller, agile, and lithe athletes as well as larger, bulkier, powerhouses.

Whatever your sport may be, this bundle has an answer for you.

Contact Sports Bible

This eBook is specifically designed for aspiring contact sports players, with MMA, American Football, and Rugby in mind.

We have included unique exercises with the most direct carryover to your sports.

What separates this program from others is that it provides specific workouts for EACH Rugby/American Football position and tailor-made workouts for the off-season to preserve muscle mass and avoid soreness before game time.

The roles and responsibilities of each position have been broken down to focus on improving and strengthening aspects of your game.

This eBook is the best product on the market for contact sports, behind hiring a professional coach.

Former MMA star Jon Fitch has laid out a plan for burgeoning Mixed Martial Artists, while one our own coaches has put his decade-long experience in training for contact sports to devise workouts specific for every single demand.


The goal of this program is not for those seeking RAW MASS, but a lean, sleeker, yet muscular body with the goal of turning heads wherever you go.

A lot of bigger guys -- save their strength -- might not jump as high, run as fast, throw as far, change direction as effectively, as smaller their smaller and more athletic counterparts.

And some might not like the "bulky" look altogether.

Here's why we've put together a program, that includes a strategy to maintain your goal physique once you've reached it, to address growing demands for a legendary body on the smaller side.

You will receive diet guidelines and a program designed to:

  • Make you athletic
  • Help with generating explosive power
  • Improve agility
  • Build Muscle
  • Lose Fat
  • Develop a well-proportioned and balanced physique
  • How to avoid becoming too bulky or sacrificing athleticism for build
  • Aiming for a reachable Godlike body

Some bodies seem unobtainable naturally -- because sometimes they are. The muscle-bound powerhouse isn't a look everyone wants to achieve.

A lot of lifters would settle for a more modest physique that conveys limitless athleticism with well-balanced proportions over the tank-like strength athlete.

Moreover, the modern bodybuilding ideal isn't something a lot of people covet.

Adding an extra 15-20lb of muscle while dominating their sport, or whatever their goals maybe, over carrying excess bodyweight is an ideal for a lot of lifters.

And this goal is often excluded. 


This program is for you if you're looking to:

  • Get as powerful as possible
  • Build a ton of muscle all over your body
  • Bring up your relative and absolute strength
  • Develop raw explosive power
  • Improve your cardio
  • Straighten out weaknesses
  • Overhaul your body composition
  • Remain relatively mobile and agile in the process
  • Keep balanced and well-proportioned

How will you become Herculean

Within this program, we have put together a selection of exercises -- some common, some lesser known -- to deliver a well-rounded, powerful, physique capable of tearing up any sports field and to be an imposing presence wherever you may be.

Some of our lesser known exercises have been created by yours truly in an effort to lift as much weight as humanly possible.

Included is diet advice and how to measure yourself to ensure that you're making progress.

This program is not for the fainthearted as it will challenge you.

We have other programs if you wish to avoid getting bigger, stronger, and more powerful than in your wildest dreams. 

Become more athletic and excel at your sport in a few short weeks by snagging this awesome bundle.

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Olympian: The Athlete's Workout Bundle

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