The Mythical Bundle: Everything You Need to Become a Superhero

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This product will change your body.

Everyone wants to:

  • Look better

  • Feel more confident

  • Feel better

  • Become more attractive

  • Get Stronger

  • Build muscle

  • And be full of energy

And by consistently applying the principles within this bundle, you will enjoy all of the above.

The Mythical Bundle has been put together for this very reason.

You will be able to show off your leaner body, bulging biceps, popping pecs; wear clothes you would never dare to try; be brimming with confidence everywhere you go and with anything you do.

Boasting multiple programs, in-depth diet advice, dozens of recipes, and a lot more, this product will guide you towards long-term success in the gym and your life -- rolling all the information you need from beginner to expert. 

Even if you have some experience, the Mythical Bundle will help along for the rest of your journey, for the rest of your life.

This collection of diverse and unique, yet devastatingly effective, training programs provides exceptional value for money in addition to its invaluable content.

You won't have to break the bank on program-hopping or splash out on costly coaching. The training programs within have been crafted after almost two decades of trial and error to produce the very best training experience that you can track for years to come.

Whether your goals are to:

  • build muscle

  • get stronger

  • develop athleticism

  • forge raw power

  • lose fat

  • get lean

  • overhaul your body composition

  • look better

  • boost confidence

  • increase work productivity

  • improve quality of life

The Mythical Bundle has got you covered. 

The Mythical Bundle

All of our programs and eBooks in one product to help you become a superhero

But most importantly, we will give you such a wide range of content so that you can find your fitness passion and never get bored or give up!

You will receive programs on:

  • Bodybuilding

  • Powerlifting

  • Strongman

  • Athleticism

  • Athletic/Aesthetic

  • Calisthenics

  • Full body workouts

  • Upper/Lower splits

  • Push/Pull splits

  • Home workouts

  • Golden Era Strength Programs

  • An Illustrated Cookbook

  • A Full Guide to Nutrition

  • How to Plan Your Own Diets

  • Keto Dieting

  • Dieting to lose fat

  • Dieting to gain muscle

  • A lot more

    Before and After the Summer Superhero program within

    One buyer after 7 Weeks of the Summer Superhero program

    The Mythical Bundle contains most of the programs within the Demigod Bundle

    Review from coach and competitive powerlifter


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A training guide that lasts a lifetime

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The Mythical Bundle: Everything You Need to Become a Superhero

2 ratings
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