Bodybuilding Foundations: A Video Course to Forge a Physique From Iron

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This is the ultimate introduction to bodybuilding from a hardcore insider who has dedicated over a decade of his life in pursuit of the perfect physique.

Within contains a detailed 12-part video course spanning several hours walking you through the fundamentals of bodybuilding to save you time and money.

You will also receive a 12-week program to get you started as well as a cookbook and guide to how to eat right. 


  • Save untold hours wasted on inefficient methods
  • Learn how to get the most bang for you buck from your workouts
  • Gain unique insight from one of the sport's insiders 
  • Begin to effect changes in your life for the better
  • Get a 12-week Push/Pull/Legs program to get started
  • Includes a cookbook and a diet manual to help you track your progress

From the creator of the course himself:

The bodybuilding fundamentals course is a 12 part video series in which you will learn everything you need to know to begin your bodybuilding journey. This course covers everything from understanding the intricacies of a diet to programming your own workouts, and everything in between. With nearly 4 hours of video content you will have a solid foundation of bodybuilding knowledge upon which you can build a truly amazing physique. After you master the fundamentals the course also provides a uniquely organized 12 week program to help you put your new skills into action. Within the next 12 weeks you will learn more about bodybuilding that I had in the first year. Give yourself a head start and avoid the mistakes I made by understanding the basics and learning the fundamentals of bodybuilding.

Course Overview:

There is an abundance of information scattered all over the internet about bodybuilding, how to build muscle, and how to achieve your physique goals. With all the information available it makes it very difficult to parse out the potentially harmful from the uniquely beneficial. The videos in this course are specifically designed to aid the novice and intermediate bodybuilder in achieving their bodybuilding goals. I view each video as a unique tool that will assist you in your journey at specific times of need. When I first started bodybuilding I took a sledgehammer approach to my diet and training - went balls to the wall and ate everything in sight. Progress did happen, but with diminishing returns. Now I understand that it’s much more beneficial to take a more surgical approach and to implement the different tools of a bodybuilder for their specific purpose, i.e. to implement intensity techniques only when in a caloric surplus and only on lagging body parts so that recovery doesn’t become hindered. This video course will equip you with the knowledge and understanding of the most important tools of a bodybuilder - The Bodybuilding Fundamentals - this will become the foundation upon which you can build the physique of your dreams.


Hi, I’m Nick of Blacksmith Bodybuilding. I have been training for just over 11 years and when I started my journey I was just under 120 lbs. Over these last 11 years I have put on over 125 lbs of muscle, more than doubling my original starting weight (I have definitely learned how to put on muscle). I have competed and took first place in powerlifting meets, and competed and took third place in an npc bodybuilding competition. I have been a personal trainer for about 5 years and have helped dozens of people get into the best shape of their lives, and even prepped a few for their first bodybuilding shows. In my 11 years I have learned so much from my own studying as well as from my peers. I have also made more mistakes than I like to admit, however from these mistakes my passion to help other aspiring bodybuilders avoid the errors I made grew. My passion now is to help hardworking and serious bodybuilders on their journey to attain the physiques of their dreams. I hope you find this video course informative and useful to your own journey to improve your physique.

Stay strong and God bless

Nick - Blacksmith Bodybuilding

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A detailed video course including programs, nutritional guides, and a cookbook to help you reach your fitness goals

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Bodybuilding Foundations: A Video Course to Forge a Physique From Iron

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