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SON OF ZEUS: Herculean Strength's FREE eBook Bundle

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This a compendium of all our FREE eBooks in one place so that you don't have to download multiple packages.

Get the body of a Greek God by implementing the principles within our FREE eBooks

You will be spoilt for choice as our FREE programs contain a wealth of information to get you more than started.

Burn fat, build muscle, become athletic, and astound those around you with Demigod-like energy.

This very generous bundle contains:

Revolutionize Your Body in 12 Weeks

Within, you will learn:

  • -What you need to do to lose weight

  • -To cut through the BS-laden fad diets promising you the world

  • -The basics on how to lose fat sensibly, sustainably, and stress-free

  • -To begin formulating your own meal plans based on your goals

  • -How to start altering your body composition

  • -Where to start in the weight room

  • -How to start growing muscle

  • -How to schematize your workouts according to your goals

  • -How to become a acquainted with exercise selection

  • -What exercises to choose if the necessary equipment is unavailable

The Seven Pillars of Strength and Fitness

You will learn:

  • -Why certain exercises are used

  • -The 7 body functions for increasing strength

  • -A comprehensive introduction to lifting

  • -The importance of each fundamental movement

  • -How to implement them into your lifestyle

  • -How to start training today -- so there are no excuses!


You will get:

  • Several home workout plans

  • A blueprint to lose fat and build muscle without leaving your home

  • Home HIIT cardio workouts

  • Bodyweight workouts specific for bodybuilders

  • Bodyweight workouts specific for powerlifters

  • Succinct guides to doing more reps and more bodyweight exercises

  • Home workout plans for lifters of all shapes and sizes

  • A Kettlebell-only workout program

  • Unique workout selections

Testosterone: No Need For Needles

Learn everything you need to know about testosterone with this illustrated eBook that boasts a 5-figure word count.

Within, we uncover:

  • How to Boost Your Testosterone

  • Uncommon "Test Boosters"

  • Foods that lower your T Levels

  • Foods that raise your T Levels

  • Lifestyle choices that'll raise your testosterone

  • How to know if you have low testosterone

  • Everything you need to maximize your manliness and T without resorting to PEDs

  • How Testosterone will improve your life

  • Where to purchase a home test kit -- so you don't have to go to the doctor

Don't hesitate to grab this generous eBook and start making changes for the better.

We have also included a "supplement supplemental" with a list of a few recommended supplements.

If you needed any convincing to download this free product, just look at what some of our readers have said:

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People were very pleased with the amount of content offered in past FREE eBooks

You will get the motivation you need

As Herculean Strength continues to publish free eBooks, we will be dropping them here for your reading enjoyment.

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SON OF ZEUS: Herculean Strength's FREE eBook Bundle

44 ratings
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