How To Bench Press 400lb Completely Drug Free

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The Bench Press is the unofficial king of upper body lifts in the gym.

It is a raw display of not just upper body power, but all body strength, expressed in what is probably the most famous exercise in the gym.

New gymgoers flock to the bench on a Monday evening to develop their chest, shoulders, and triceps, often struggling with the weight to show off to their friends and stroke their egos. 

But the Bench Press is one of the big three lifts in Powerlifting, too, thus earning more legitimacy than an expression of one's over-inflated ego.

The vast majority of gymgoers want a massive Bench Press in their repertoire for a confidence boost and impressive pecs; athletes want a massive Bench Press to carry over into their sport of choice; powerlifters want a massive Bench Press to bring up their overall numbers; and a massive Bench Press, in general, is a huge flex that can be wielded wherever you go.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a big bench press, this eBook delivers for all experience levels and all potential mechanical weaknesses.

Within, you will get:

  • 4-week programs for Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced lifters to get you started
  • Spreadsheets for lifters to track their progress in each program
  • Original training philosophies to attack strength weaknesses
  • A detailed autobiography of how I benched over 400lb, natty.
  • Tailor-made programs for each 3 potential mechanical weaknesses 
  • A detailed set-up checklist to ensure good form
  • A list of replacement exercises if necessary equipment is unavailable
  • A guide with exercise choices that will strengthen your other lifts
  • Dozens of tips to help you become a stronger bench presser

I have put together over a decade of lifting experience and natural powerlifting into this product. I personally had to overcome my natural mechanical shortcomings in the bench press to reach my enviable number. 

If you apply the principles within, you too will learn how to Bench Press huge weights quicker than you could ever imagine.

I want this!

Programs for all experiences levels attacking weaknesses to bench press massive weights.

Bench Big Weights
Anybody Can Partake
Learn to Destroy Weaknesses
Become Strong AF
Overcoming my Weaknesses
Never Give Up
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How To Bench Press 400lb Completely Drug Free

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I want this!