The Herculean Powerlifting Bundle: Squat, Bench, and Deadlift Like a Legend

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This is our powerlifting bundle to help you get as strong as possible in the big three lifts -- Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift.

Within, you will be taken through the basics on all three lifts and have workout plans you can use from beginner to expert.

We have incorporated uncommon -- but devastatingly effective -- exercises into all programs to help you become the strongest lifter you can possibly be.

Despite your mechanical strengths and weaknesses, we have included programs specifically designed to attack your weaknesses so that you can dominate the weight room.

As well as becoming as strong as humanly possible, the programs will help you gain some hard-earned muscle as a bonus. 

Bench Press

The Bench Press is the unofficial king of upper body lifts in the gym.

It is a raw display of not just upper body power, but all body strength, expressed in what is probably the most famous exercise in the gym.

New gymgoers flock to the bench on a Monday evening to develop their chest, shoulders, and triceps, often struggling with the weight to show off to their friends and stroke their egos.

But the Bench Press is one of the big three lifts in Powerlifting, too, thus earning more legitimacy than an expression of one's over-inflated ego.

The vast majority of gymgoers want a massive Bench Press in their repertoire for a confidence boost and impressive pecs; athletes want a massive Bench Press to carry over into their sport of choice; powerlifters want a massive Bench Press to bring up their overall numbers; and a massive Bench Press, in general, is a huge flex that can be wielded wherever you go.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a big bench press, this eBook delivers for all experience levels and all potential mechanical weaknesses.

Within, you will get:

  • 4-week programs for Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced lifters to get you started
  • Spreadsheets for lifters to track their progress in each program
  • Original training philosophies to attack strength weaknesses
  • A detailed autobiography of how I benched over 400lb, natty.
  • Tailor-made programs for each 3 potential mechanical weaknesses
  • A detailed set-up checklist to ensure good form
  • A list of replacement exercises if necessary equipment is unavailable
  • A guide with exercise choices that will strengthen your other lifts
  • Dozens of tips to help you become a stronger bench presser

I have put together over a decade of lifting experience and natural powerlifting into this product. I personally had to overcome my natural mechanical shortcomings in the bench press to reach my enviable number.

If you apply the principles within, you too will learn how to Bench Press huge weights quicker than you could ever imagine.


The deadlift is the king of all lifts. The deadlift targets the entire body and is the ultimate expression of raw strength in the gym.

But, people with different body types might struggle to be as efficient at the deadlift as the taller, lanky lifter with blessed mechanics.

Regardless of your body type, experience level, or goals, this eBook has a plan for you.

We guarantee that your deadlift will increase in a month if you apply the training principles in this eBook.

You will be able to hammer your weaknesses and choose a stance that suits your body.

This eBook contains the following:

  • A lengthy introduction to the deadlift
  • Programs for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Lifters
  • Programs for all mechanical weaknesses on both conventional and sumo stances
  • Printout spreadsheets to log workouts and track progress
  • Breakdown to identify weaknesses and how to approach them
  • Guide to spinal decompression
  • How to deconstruct psychological barriers
  • Selection of uncommon, but devastatingly effective exercises to bring up your deadlift
  • The inclusion of our unique training philosophy
  • An autobiography of my journey to deadlifting well over 600lb completely drug free
  • How to set up for an efficient pull
  • Links to exercise tutorials provided

As always, you will need to apply yourself as well as the principles within.

You will get stronger by following our exercise selection and diagnostics for identifying your sticking points, but you have to be honest with yourself and put the effort in.

Boost Your Confidence

We know that there is little more disheartening than stalling with your strength gains -- it almost makes you want to give up altogether sometimes.

The sound principles within this product will help elevate your confidence in the gym and help you outlift your peers.

Now, the point of this program isn't to stroke your ego, but to relay you information that the vast majority of personal trainers in the gym will never even dare to dream.

Stop Wasting Your Time

For extreme results, you have to train extremely hard.

But training extremely hard by employing ineffective exercises is a waste of your time, energy, and money.

Why not train hard with exercises that are guaranteed not only to send your deadlift numbers into orbit, but add slabs of muscle all over your body in the process?

Even if you're training for your first competition, you can blow everyone else out of the water by focusing on an exercise selection that will endow you with a bulletproof pull.

Your peers will be surprised by how quickly your numbers will fly up.


Ever felt like the entire weight of the world is on your shoulders? Do you feel like it's keeping you down?

How about building a set of wheels so powerful that you can stand tall again?

Squat 600lb without taking performance enhancing drugs

The squat is a metaphor for life -- when burdens weigh you down, you must find a way to stand.

And this eBook contains everything you need to squat more weight than you could ever imagine possible.

How will you feel in the future when you're warming up with your current max?

This is why we've put this eBook -- containing 5 programs targeting all experience levels and mechanical weaknesses -- together.

We want you to smoke the competition; whether it be in an actual competition, on the gridiron, in the gym, or wherever else.

This squat program is unique in its approach and exercise selection to help you squat herculean numbers.

Build your confidence, build muscle, and build your squat with this eBook.

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The Herculean Powerlifting Bundle: Squat, Bench, and Deadlift Like a Legend

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