RESOLUTION 2024: 10 Programs to Start Your Journey

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This is your last ever New Year's Resolution

Gone are the endless failures -- now it's time to make a stand, once and for all.

Do you need to:

  • hone your discipline

  • build muscle

  • lose fat

  • transform your body

  • ingrain GOOD habits

  • quit your vices

  • improve your relationships

  • boost your confidence

  • become more attractive

  • be a better person?

Well, this bundle has it ALL.

By following the programs within, you will become a man of steel:

Jacked, leaner, and disciplined.

All it takes is 6 months to become unrecognizable.

It's time to realize your fullest potential.

Many, many New Year's Resolutions fail due to:

1) Boredom

2) Discomfort in breaking bad habits

3) Failure to see results


RESOLUTION will offer you introductory programs for a variety of gym training styles with links to tutorials -- no other program offers as much in one complete package. 

But we've also got you covered--

You will also receive a complete 90-day discipline program to ensure that you stay committed!

How would it feel to gain access to a workout program that is fun, easy to adopt, and that yields fast results?

Fun Training

Within you will receive a program for:

  • Bodybuilding (default)

  • Powerlifting

  • Strongman

  • Developing Athleticism

  • Calisthenics (Home workouts)

  • Working Man (3 programs for those short on time)

  • Jack of All Trades (those wanting a bit of everything)

All in all, a total of TEN training programs with 4-week logs for each gym discipline to track your progress.

Common Sense Dieting

You will also get detailed dietary advice to lose fat or gain muscle and to fuel your workouts, depending on what your goals might be. 

Included is a:

  • Rundown of exactly what you need to eat to meet your goals

  • Diet log to track your meals and evaluate progress

  • List of several tips to keep hunger at bay

  • Precise breakdown of your needs to lose fat or gain muscle

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RESOLUTION 2024: 10 Programs to Start Your Journey

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