Lockdown: FREE Home Workout Plans For Everyone

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Experience Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Gyms closed? Stuck at home? Losing Gains? Wanna make gains?

2020 has been hard on many and, in some places, gyms still haven't reopened, leaving tens of thousands of people around the world [seemingly] without the resources to keep fit.

The average person has gained several pounds in the past year -- by simply maintaining your weight, you will be doing far better than most of your peers.

But what if you could lose fat, build muscle, and alter your body composition and emerge from lockdown looking like a demigod?

You won't need much, if any, equipment -- all you need is gravity, although we have compiled a list of equipment we think you should purchase to make life easier for yourself.

Make Gains At Home

You will get:

  • Several home workout plansĀ 
  • A blueprint to lose fat and build muscle without leaving your home
  • Home HIIT cardio workouts
  • Bodyweight workouts specific for bodybuilders
  • Bodyweight workouts specific for powerlifters
  • Succinct guides to doing more reps and more bodyweight exercises
  • Home workout plans for lifters of all shapes and sizes
  • A Kettlebell-only workout
  • Unique workout selections

This 44-page illustrated FREE eBook will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to start making changes in your life that will turn heads.

Don't believe us, just take a look at what some people had to say about our first free eBook (https://gumroad.com/products/SQYsn/):

You will not regret downloading this product.

Make sure to click "I Want This!" at the checkout to start making the changes you've wanted.

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A detailed home workout guide to keep fit in lockdown

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Lockdown: FREE Home Workout Plans For Everyone

9 ratings
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