Skinny Fat: The Ultimate Recomp: From Sickly Weak to Sick Physique

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Tired of being ashamed to take off your clothes for the beach, pool, or anywhere else?

Do you lack confidence in your appearance?

Are you feeling weak while being "skinny" yet have little-to-no muscular definition?

Far too many guys go through life both weak and small -- and it's negatively affecting their quality of life.

(If you are weak, skinny, and struggle to gain muscle, we recommend you check out our Hardgainer's guide instead.)

But some guys are weak, small, and don't have any muscular definition -- to add insult to injury.

If this is you, unfortunately a good workout program alone won't be enough for you to start seeing results as fast as you'd like.

And the reason for this is for a myriad of factors.

To be "Skinny fat" is an unenviable combination of:

  • poor muscular development

  • highish body fat (around 20-30%)

  • poor metabolic health

  • imbalanced endocrine system

All of these can lead to:

  • poor libido

  • poor mental health

  • injury proneness

  • shortened life expectancy

  • fogginess 

  • lower energy levels

  • weakened immune system

  • reduced motivation/productivity

  • a wide range of health issues

Thankfully, you can reverse being "skinny fat" fairly easily through a combination of changes.

Which is where this guide comes in handy.

This is a tailor-made guide to help "skinny fat" guys make necessary alterations to their lifestyle, diet, workouts, and more.

Within, we identify each causal factor of what causes somebody to become "skinny fat" and outline a plan of action to tackle each -- to help them achieve the body they crave. 

As we've said, a good workout program alone will not suffice in helping you sculpt the body you desire if you are "skinny fat."

A good workout program may enable you to familiarize yourself with the gym and part of the lifestyle changes necessary to undo a "skinny fat" body.

Instead, a well-aimed plan of action that targets every aspect of life from diet, to sleep, to stress management, to supplementation, and a kickass workout program is just what the doctor ordered.

Our Skinny Fat: The Ultimate Recomp: From Sickly Weak to Sick Physique is a unique program to facilitate your recovery from being "skinny fat" to a veritable beast.

Click "I Want This!" to break the curse of being "skinny fat" today!

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Skinny Fat: The Ultimate Recomp: From Sickly Weak to Sick Physique

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